Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Juice Cleanse

I have decided to start a juice cleanse. I have heard and read such great things about doing a cleanse and decided I need to try this myself! Juice cleanses rid your body of all toxins and junk and actually detoxes the body. At the end of the detox I should feel cleansed, lighter, have less pain in my body and be able to perform better physically and mentally. I plan to start my 10 day cleanse on this Thurs.. I will be posting my journey on this blog updating day by day what my body is doing and how I am feeling each day. This, along with how I'll feel, will keep me motivated! I'll also post the juice recipes that I am using and my opinion of each one. After tomorrow, the detoxifying begins!

I realize I have not given an update on my juice cleanse. I actually made it only 2 days and had to stop. I felt very weak and tired and although it's supposed to help if you are constipated, it actually made things worse for me. I was told by another trainer that I have too much muscle to be able to maintain a diet like that when I need to feed my muscles like they are used to being fed. I wasn't able to workout and definitely would not have been able to lift, which is a must for me! I did watch the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and really enjoyed it. I encourage everyone to see it. The juice detox definitely does work for a lot of people, I just didn't want to toy around with my digestive system anymore and definitely didn't want to loose muscle in the process. I still drink juices, but as a supplement to my regular diet. I am now sticking to strict paleo, so I plan on posting more paleo recipes soon.


  1. I would like to do this also! Please post recipes so I can follow along with you :)

    1. Great! I just made my first juice for tomorrow. I am making one big 64oz. jug each night before so it's prepared. Tomorrow's juice consists of lots of celery and carrots, apples, pineapples, parsley,spinach, a tiny bit of fresh ginger,a few walnuts and almonds (for some fats), and 2 pinches of cayenne. It tastes good! I'll also be drinking a lot of water and coconut water throughout the day.

  2. Day 1:
    TOday actually went really well..that means I'll probably pay for it later. I started the day out with 64 oz of juice and it was gone by 5:00pm. I started to get hungry around 6:30, so I made my Delicious Green Smoothie, just without the coconut milk, no date, but added some coconut shreds. Then I made my juices for tomorrow. I have a bottle of kale, carrots, celery, ginger root, small piece of beet, apples, strawberry, walnuts,and beet greens. Then I made another smaller bottle of carrots, celery, apples, pineapple, tomatoes, and half an orange. The only thing I struggled with today was my lack of energy. The walnuts should help with some of that. I'm going to focus on my stretching and light, smooth workouts over the next few days. I think I'll do some yoga, which I am not a fan of but if it helps, than I'm up for it!

  3. Glad I found your blog. I'm on day 22 of my 30-40 day juice cleanse. I love to keep focused and read what others have to say about cleansing!!
    Thank you...

  4. I actually had to stop doing my juice cleanse due to some health complications that actually came up during the cleanse. I found out that one specific diet does not work for everyone. I have always known that but I have read such great things about doing a juice cleanse and about eating a Paleo diet. Well, in the midst of eating Paleo and then the juicing, I ended up with pancreatitis. I mean, I am a very healthy person, don't drink very often, work out on a daily basis and yet I got this which made no sense! It was very very frustrating. Even the dr.'s could not figure out how I got this. One theory was it could have been caused by a medication that I was taking. I have been taking this medication for 9 months with no problem. The likelyhood of me getting it from the meds was very very slim. But, that still is a possibility. The other possibility was the amount of fat I was eating with Paleo. Paleo is very big on eating meat which I love. However, too much meat can be a bad thing and can have a lot of fats. Paleo also has you eating nuts which are also very high in fat. Yes, healthy fats, but still there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. With the pancreatitis I had become extremely constipated. This is what brought me into the ER initially where they found pancreatitis. Paleo does not allow grains and that could have contributed to the severe constipation. So now, I am incorporating some grans in my diet such as organic oat bran and organic rice cakes. My gastro. has me taking 1-2 scoops of miralax and taking Florastor, a pro-biotic. My pancreas is back to normal and I am able to use the bathroom on a normal basis. I do not take that for granted! In all this I learned that even though there may be a thousand singing the praises of a diet, every single body is different and we need to listen to our bodies to know what does and what doesn't work for us.